Fashion Trends: Bikini – Lena Hoschek Swimwear

Dolce Vita Sixties bikini

How Lena Hoschek presents the summer? As a lively journey into Italy of the sixties. The bikini has playful loops, ruffles and maritime colours. Playful and feminine, the fashion designer has interpreted the popular bikini, Bella Figura. Hoschek’s was the bikini fashion last year, but now also is provided with cartoon prints. It is well known for their retro style with the designer bikini for summer, even more elegant now.

Based on the Bikini Fashion Italy the sixties, you can find stripes, ruffles and Dolce Vita. In addition, the ever-present Lena Hoschek diamonds also should not be missed.

The playful ruffles and bows on panties and tops

They waving merrily in the wind – the bikinis have brackets or wider fabric ties.

Sofia Blue Stripes Bikini Bella Italia

Mediterranean feel coupled with amore and retro style – the Hoschek Swimwear reminiscent of the first holiday beaches and ice cream parlours of the Mediterranean coasts, to the fashionable resorts of the Italian Riviera.

The skilfully placed ruffles and ribbons

In the Lena Hoschek particularly many bikinis summer collection were seen on the catwalk. The silhouette as blurred – the Sixties bikini completes the curves of the female body and gives a harmonious picture.

More about trends

Like last year one piece, bikinis and beach dresses are scarce this summer with iconic accessories: wide bracelets, chains flashy, feminine hats and large totes. Essential accessory is of course the sunglasses: this may be the

Evergreen Ray-Ban Retro models in the style of Truman Capote, XXL sunglasses, sunglasses in the Wildcats look or round sunglasses – small in the style of the twenties or large style of the seventies.

Beach dresses are from mini to maxi in this year’s swimwear. Who really wants to be up-to-date, selects one of the new slotted maxi dresses and maxi skirts? Especially the trendy maxi skirts are true all artists and indispensable for the holidays. Combined with spaghetti strap tops or short skirts shirts can be the cosy depending on the fabric and pattern to a quality suitable for almost any occasion outfit together. Serve with flat sandals and a large tote.