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Fashion Trends: Swimwear – the most beautiful looks

Swimsuits and bikinis

In terms Swimwear, we have compiled our favourites for you stripes, dots, bows, ruffles and everything else that makes a good figure.

OndadeMar: Bandeau bikini with removable straps and a metal insert at the top. The pants can be tied together on both sides and thus promises a great fit. The OndadeMar swimwear label comes from Colombia and has the highest standards of design and quality.

Swimwear – Bikini Lena Hoschek

When it comes to swimwear for the summer this year, holding ready particularly beautiful and feminine trends. The label Lena Hoschek Bella Italia celebrates with stripes, bows, ruffles and Hoschek typical diamond. Female curves and girlish attitude come to their best advantage.

Fabulous Swimwear directly from the coast of Australia holds the internationally trendy label Seafolly for summer! In the style of casual Australian lifestyle, agree look, athleticism – it just is perfect.

Lush floral prints are also available from the Swimwear, as was the case last year. Seafolly have free size choice. This guarantees a perfect fit and makes it fun to assemble their own swimwear.

The Swimwear is charming. One-piece swimsuits – bathing suits for swimming, perquisites and you already feel good!
The one piece of Bandeau has a playful ruffle on the front and strap, which can be varied by lacing in length and can be removed if necessary. The swimsuit KOU of diesel with a logo print on the back is available in blue and pink.

More fashion details:

Spanish fashion

Barbara liver in Budapest and studied fashion design at the UIB, Spain. The Spanish fashion and art scene had on the work of the designer great influence. Her creations are classically feminine with a conservative approach and very elegant. Many of her haute couture evening dresses have corsets and elaborate embroidery. Your purchasers are prominent: Michelle Obama is one of their clients. Does not everyone know – Barbara liver also has its own collection of swimwear.

Extensive, varied and very successful is the liver Barbara Beach Couture – Bikinis and monoclines usually plain and with refined details, semi-transparent Beach dresses and sarongs reveal more than they conceal.

Fashion Trends: Bikini – Lena Hoschek Swimwear

Dolce Vita Sixties bikini

How Lena Hoschek presents the summer? As a lively journey into Italy of the sixties. The bikini has playful loops, ruffles and maritime colours. Playful and feminine, the fashion designer has interpreted the popular bikini, Bella Figura. Hoschek’s was the bikini fashion last year, but now also is provided with cartoon prints. It is well known for their retro style with the designer bikini for summer, even more elegant now.

Based on the Bikini Fashion Italy the sixties, you can find stripes, ruffles and Dolce Vita. In addition, the ever-present Lena Hoschek diamonds also should not be missed.

The playful ruffles and bows on panties and tops

They waving merrily in the wind – the bikinis have brackets or wider fabric ties.

Sofia Blue Stripes Bikini Bella Italia

Mediterranean feel coupled with amore and retro style – the Hoschek Swimwear reminiscent of the first holiday beaches and ice cream parlours of the Mediterranean coasts, to the fashionable resorts of the Italian Riviera.

The skilfully placed ruffles and ribbons

In the Lena Hoschek particularly many bikinis summer collection were seen on the catwalk. The silhouette as blurred – the Sixties bikini completes the curves of the female body and gives a harmonious picture.

More about trends

Like last year one piece, bikinis and beach dresses are scarce this summer with iconic accessories: wide bracelets, chains flashy, feminine hats and large totes. Essential accessory is of course the sunglasses: this may be the

Evergreen Ray-Ban Retro models in the style of Truman Capote, XXL sunglasses, sunglasses in the Wildcats look or round sunglasses – small in the style of the twenties or large style of the seventies.

Beach dresses are from mini to maxi in this year’s swimwear. Who really wants to be up-to-date, selects one of the new slotted maxi dresses and maxi skirts? Especially the trendy maxi skirts are true all artists and indispensable for the holidays. Combined with spaghetti strap tops or short skirts shirts can be the cosy depending on the fabric and pattern to a quality suitable for almost any occasion outfit together. Serve with flat sandals and a large tote.

Fashion: Seafolly Swimwear – Pure lifestyle!

Seafolly – strapless bikini top

Summer vacation on the beach, weekends outdoors – finally time to relax in the company of friends or family and enjoy. The range of floating and Lifestyle Fashion for Australian label Seafolly is impressive. Women around the world look forward each year to the new swimwear collections, Seafolly, available in many major fashion department stores and boutiques in the world.

Typical Seafolly: This strapless bikini top left has shaped cups and a ruched strap braided trim. The U-shaped member between the cups keeps the braided halter neck to tie at the neck. Mix & Match: When Seafolly bikini bottoms and bikini tops are in vogue frilly panties, ruffled panties, ribbons and bows, they can be ordered separately.

The swimwear collection from Seafolly reflects the laid-back Australian beach lifestyle, the label is known for innovative bikinis and one pieces in rich colours. The focus is on quality design and manufacturing processes – Seafolly’s eclectic textures and statement prints. The tasteful swimwear range is complemented by short and long beach dresses.

Swimwear: bandeau swimsuit style

High gloss swimwear and beachwear with full top print are the hit of 2012. The label Seafolly brings the Australian beach lifestyle to us. High quality Swimwear, meaningful prints, contrasting textures and electrifying colours reflect the Seafolly brand philosophy. Swimsuits, bikinis and cover-ups signal: Life is Beautiful!

The demand is high

Although Australia is far away, it is good to know that Seafolly fashion designers, staff, their friends and families spend countless hours in their own products. They are their own best customers and harshest critics. The demand is high.

Holiday fashion – An eye-catcher is the short Seafolly Jumpsuit

The beach short strapless jumpsuit is printed with a tea rose pattern has a front lacing, and drawstring waist and gathered in the hip pockets. Of course, there are the bikini or swimsuit in the same design for this favourite part.

These are Seafolly swimwear for men, women and children, lifestyle apparel and Accessories. The summer is coming!